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One Nation One Election (Pros And Cons) Essay Speech

One Nation One Election (Pros And Cons) Essay Speech Debate


New government, new rules and the whole new idea of a different and improved nation, that is what in the minds of today’s new self made governing body. The newly formed government of our nation, the BJP sarkar or the Modi sarkar has tend us to think about our present election and the curriculums.

The present government working under the directives of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have made the ‘one nation’ theory as their most peculiar aspect in order to rule and maintain the ongoing nation. Their schemes such as the Goods and Service Tax (GST) are being launched under the one nation, one tax theory. Similarly, the ‘One nation’ theory has also been in the thoughts, for the elections in India. The Modi Sarkar besides ‘One nation One Tax’ implementation is also eyeing for implementing the ‘One nation One election’ theory.

One Nation One Election (Pros And Cons) Essay Speech Debate

Why is it important?

It has also put forward some disadvantages of multiple elections which they are using as arguments in favour of ‘One Nation One election’ theory.

  • Unnecessary wastage of public wealth, shift of focus from governance because of multiple elections, wastage of security forces, wastage of time for teachers and other officers appointed as individual booth officials and lastly multiple elections are bad for a democratic federal country like India. These are some of the arguments put forward by the ruling party.
  • After getting to know about the arguments it can be clearly found that most of these are illogical and hold no value keeping in mind the current scenario and political layout of India. Coming to the second point from the above arguments, shift from governance must not occur if the ruling party is keeping nation’s well-being as their priority.
  • The third point talks about wastage of security forces which isn’t true as forces appointed for election duty are all reserved forces. None of the active forces are asked to do election duty.
  • Coming to the fourth point all that can be said is that, a good officer never finds national duty such as election ‘a wastage of time’.
  • The fifth point is not actually a point; it is clearly an illogical statement from the current government. Election is a democratic right; a problem in some state’s election won’t really cause trouble in other states.

Hence, the federal layout of India will also remain intact. And lastly, the first point talking about wastage of public health in case of multiple elections is also not true. This is because election is a right which is aimed at betterment of people and respect of their choice, so whatever is the amount being spend, it cannot be termed as wastage.

But coming back to general point of view we know that everything has both positive and negative aspects with it.

Advantages of the ‘One nation one election’ theory

Let’s have a look at the positive side of the ‘One nation one election’ theory.

  • Firstly, it will reduce country’s expenditure which gets really high during elections. Secondly, it will save time of ruling parties from thinking about new policies for the upcoming election instead shift their focus to overall development of the country.
  • Next advantage will be eradicating the vote bank politics which often leads to ‘seemingly good but harmful in the long term’ type of actions by the ruling party.Furthermore, this theory will also promote long term policy making a ‘habit’ for the ruling party.

Disadvantages of the ‘One nation one election’ theory

Now let us know the disadvantages or the negative effect of implementing ‘One nation one election’.

  • First point will be that it is practically next to impossible to conduct national level election at once and removing the state elections from existenceall of a sudden. Secondly, eradicating state level elections will make policy makers lazy hence deviating their focus from people’s well being.
  • Next point is that of cost reduction which is already being monitored by Election Commission. Lastly, the idea of ‘One nation one election’ is not really a good one as it will lead to combining of national and state problems together. Hence, making governance is itself a chaos.


On the ending note, we can say that though this idea seems to be good. But a good debate and meaningful discussion must be done before any decision is confirmed.


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