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International Yoga Day Essay & Date, Speech,Quotes| Essay On Yoga

International Yoga Day Essay & Date |International Yoga Day Speech | International Yoga Day Quotes & Status

International Yoga Day Essay | Date


“Yoga” a word, a term, a method, that does not need much explanation these days due its popular acceptance crossing every boundary or region and religion. A practice or method which if an individual imbibes would help in integrating the body and mind. The origin of this form of practice was in India and can be traced back to date about 600 years ago. When it comes to the origin of this particular International Yoga Day, it can be said that yoga received its official International seal when the United Nation s during its assembly on December 11, 2014 passed a unanimous mandate on the day of June 21 to be observed as International Yoga Day.

International Yoga Day Essay

1.       NameYoga Day
2.       OriginIndia
3.       First Celebration Date21 June 2015
4.       Celebration TypeInternational
5.       Kind OfImportant Day
6.       Date TypeFix
7.       International Yoga Day Celebration Dates
8.       21 June 2016
9.        21 June 2017
10.   21 June 2018
11.    21 June 2019

21 June  2020


By definition “yoga” refers to union, and in this case that of the mind and the body. It raises the human ability to realize nature in its ultimate form. The mechanics of life can be best deciphered by an individual who practices and embraces the practice of yoga. The misconception that yoga involves twisting of the limbs and body into grotesque postures has been laid to rest with the progress and portrayal of yoga in its correct form by the leading exponents of this practice in India.


The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi during his maiden speech at the United Nations General Assembly in Sept 2014 had placed this proposal to the world body for transcending yoga into the International arena for the benefits that would be accrued by humanity was large. The draft resolution thereafter was prepared by the Indian mission at the UN and circulated to various member countries and their missions. By Dec 2014 itself the acceptance of the idea was well known with no member mission objecting to the draft. At the final General Assembly session too when the resolution was placed an overwhelming support from 175 nations was received which is also a record till date. No other resolution in the UN has ever received this number of support from member nations.


The reason for the date of 21 June being the date selected naturally has high significance. When it is said that yoga unites the body with the mind, it means there is a link of this practice with the cosmic plane. It is a plane, which is spiritual, and cannot be perceived in physical and material form.  The original founder personalities who formulated this practice of yoga in India did gain knowledge of the link with the cosmic plane with the human mind. They had postulated that Lord Shiva the celestial being who was the first yoga practitioner had commenced to impart this knowledge to mankind on this day of June 21. If the scientific base for the date is looked into, it would be noted that this is the day that marks the Summer Solstices, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. The day is when the full moon occurs for the first time after the Summer Solstice. These cosmic changes and effects have been known to effect nature on earth and even the magnetic field that envelopes the planet earth. This transition of Summer Solstice in the Indian almanac is termed as Dakshinayana which is auspicious for all spiritual process being pursued by mankind.

By taking yoga into the international arena, the Indian government and specially the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not only given the world a new thought to bring health and harmony but also shown the world that India yet walks into countries with love and peace in mind. That India has shown the world, not only it’s earnest to portray the method of yoga but also leads in its actual practice would be evident in the succeeding passages.

How Is International Yoga Day Celebrated?

The main purpose of International Yoga Day is to promote the activity and to help people learn more about how it works and how they can benefit from its practice. Events are typically held throughout the world with India holding most of them. Such events may also be found in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

Such activities particularly entail people participating in many yoga activities. These include people who are looking to focus and improve their yoga skills. The communal activities that take place on this special event are rather important as they encourage people to get together to participate in yoga. This especially helps people to learn about the brilliant advantages that come with using yoga to relax the body and improve its focus among other critical benefits.

Date of International Yoga DayJune 21
Number of countries celebratingMore than 80
Size of largest yoga class on this dayAround 35,000
Asanas or poses performed at typical events15 to 20

Yoga Day Celebration Ideas

Many new ideas have been introduced as a means of making yoga more appealing to people. These great ideas include the following:

  • Classes are often offered during this holiday to help people learn more about different poses and routines that they can follow when practicing yoga.
  • People can also study religious texts relating to the art of yoga. These include important Hindu texts that list details on how different functions might work.
  • Speeches and other public dissertations on yoga may also be offered. These include talks that encourage people to see what makes yoga important while encouraging people to do more for their bodies.

The Importance of  Yoga Day Celebration

The key part of International Yoga Day that must be followed entails being able to get people to follow their bodies and to discover how their minds can be at peace. Yoga helps people to recognize that there is much more to yoga than it being a classic practice introduced in India. It is also a practice that is used to unity the mind and body together into one form. This is to encourage a stronger sense of restraint and thought while establishing a strong sense of harmony between man and nature.

Effects of Yoga on the Human Body
FlexibilityYoga helps train people to move their bodies into a variety of positions, thus helping them to become more flexible.
Weight LossYoga will help people to lose weight as it encourages the promotion of a healthier metabolic system.
MusclesMuscles will be easier to tone as you perform various poses.
BreathingThe focused breathing in yoga helps you to improve your airways and breathing habits.

International Yoga Day helps people to explore that by engaging in yoga, a person can discover oneself in terms of one’s mind and how it works. While the great physical benefits that come from yoga are well-documented and useful, yoga goes one step further by allowing people to feel more comfortable and in tune with their bodies in general. The attitudes that are covered in yoga practices certainly make a real difference.

In addition, it helps people to adjust their lifestyles. By understanding how one can be with nature, it will be easier for a person to want to stay active and healthy.

Pros and Cons

Helps people to stay fit and activeYoga may still be unclear to some people
Teaches the public about yogaNot all are physically able to perform yoga exercises
Focuses on a clean environmentDifficult to maintain some activities to keep them carbon neutral
A relaxed environmentMay be complicated to some

Yoga Day Celebration Impact on Society

The interesting part of many activities relating to International Yoga Day is that they focus on impacting the minds and bodies of people. In particular, many of these activities are made with no carbon footprints whatsoever. These carbon neutral events entail people coming together in large groups without using energy to stay together to focus on relaxation and enjoying life.

Response of Society towards Yoga Day

  • There are plenty of points about how society as responded to this event that should be noticed:
  • Many park areas around the country have particularly grow to accommodate many of these special events.
  • More than eighty countries have participated in this event.
  • Yoga classes have particularly become very large in that some classes have brought in tens of thousands of people who are looking to participate in yoga.

The changes that have come about as a result of International Yoga Day have shown that people are indeed more interested in working with yoga-related activities. They are looking to keep their bodies active and focused through this practice.

  • Conclusion

International Yoga Day may be a relatively new event but it is one that has certainly made a real impact. International Yoga Day is an important holiday that has become recognized in many parts of the world and has encouraged people to take a look at many points relating to life. This holiday has especially helped people realize that yoga is about more than getting into a series of different physical positions. It is also about knowing how to keep one’s mind and body intact and focused. This is a very special holiday that is especially important and intriguing for those who are interested in the activity.


International Yoga Day Speech

Speech On International Yoga Day

Yoga is a great activity to get into but it is completely understandable if you are unaware of how it works. Besides, when you think about yoga, you might think about people getting into a variety of funny poses and making random chants. Well, the fact is that yoga is much greater than that.

Yoga is about creating a link between the spiritual and physical worlds. It is about improving your body and mind by focusing on how your life force is run.

It improves upon your life force by establishing a stronger feeling along the spine. This helps to improve how energy flows in the body. After this, it opens up enough channels to help you restore your thinking and to feel at ease with your mind.

The best part about yoga is that it is an activity that can be done by anyone. It can be done on your own or in a group as well. You can even do it in a variety of physical places. This is truly a versatile activity that is enjoyable and more importantly helps you stay focused and at ease with yourself and your mind.

As you might discover when engaging in it, yoga is certainly an activity that will give your mind and body a chance to be put at ease. You will love engaging in yoga and feeling more confident in your body as you participate in it. This can certainly make a difference in your life as you can develop healthier habits and become more away of your body and how well it works in this world.

If anything, by enjoying yoga, you will become just like many people from all corners of the world who have also discovered just how fun and enjoyable yoga is. Naturally, yoga is more popular in India, the country where the practice first originated. It has expanded in popularity to many parts all around the world and continues to be attractive to all those who want to feel healthier and stronger. You can certainly learn more about your mind and body when you participate in yoga exercises.

In addition, you can participate in a variety of different forms of yoga. These include many options that focus on the different principles that make it work. Yoga focuses on the principles of relaxation, exercise, breathing right, having a healthy diet and thinking only positive thoughts. When you focus on the positive and productive aspects of yoga, you will have an easier time keeping your life intact and healthy. Best of all, you will learn that it will not be too hard to keep your mind and body at ease.

Remember that the things you can learn about your mind and body through yoga can truly be beautiful. With this activity, you will begin to improve your way of life and feel more confident about who you are. This is truly a great choice for when you’re looking for something healthy to do with your body.


International Yoga Day Quotes Status

International Yoga Day Quotes & Status 

  1. “If there is one thing that matters the most about yoga, it is your presence and how you perform on the mat.”
  2. “The problems that you have in your mind are nothing more than shades being thrown at you.”
  3. “Yoga focuses on the present as it is the only thing in the world that matters. ”
  4. “Yoga will always put you in the good mood no matter what you might have felt earlier in the day. ”
  5. “While it is not easy to control things outside your life, it is easy to control what is inside your mind and body. ”
  6. “Simplifying your life can make a difference as you ease your life. ”
  7. “Yoga does more to transform your life than anything else. ”
  8. “You don’t get many chances to do things in your life but when you practice yoga and do things the right way, you won’t have a need to take in far too many chances. ”
  9. “Discipline is one of the most important things that you could have in your life when you are aiming to be healthy and positive.”
  10. “The soul is the most important part of the body as it can become anything one wants it to be and feel.


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