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International Day For Older Person World Elderly Day Essay, Speech, Quotes & Dates

International Day For Older Person, World Elderly Day Essay, Speech, Quotes & Dates

Essay On The International Day for Elderly People


The International Day for Elderly People, which is also known as the International Day of Older Persons, is an annual holiday that is held on October 1. The holiday is around with the purpose of supporting the elderly and helping to raise awareness about various issues that surround the elderly in today’s society.The holiday particularly promotes a need to prevent many problems that surround today’s elderly population. This includes a need to help people who have experienced problems relating to elder abuse or from problems relating to the body no longer performing as well as it used to a long time ago.

International Day Elderly People Older Persons Essay



International Elderly Day
2.    Origin/ First Observed ByUN
3.    First Celebration Date1990
4.    Celebration TypeInternational/ World
5.    Kind OfImportant Day
6Celebration Day Type


7.    International Elderly Day Celebration Dates
8.    1 st Of October Annually Fix Date


The holiday was designed as an extension of many holidays that take place around different parts of the world. It was particularly inspired by the National Grandparents Holiday in the United States and Canada. It was also inspired by the Respect for the Aged Day that is celebrated annually in Japan. The holiday is to be honored around the entire world as a means of promoting the need to help today’s elderly population and to improve the lives of people who are aging and need added assistance with keeping their lives healthy and positive.


The United Nations devised the International Day for Elderly People as a holiday that honors those who have made much of history. The UN created this holiday in 1990. It was designed as a key part of helping the aging population around the world and to improve their livelihoods over time.

Much of the holiday was especially designed to encourage support for the elderly and to ensure that people in this part of the population can be supported as needed. This included a need to handle support for assisting people who need help with improving their lives. This holiday will help to improve how well elderly society in people are treated with enough care and support over time.


The key part of the International Day for Elderly People is that it was designed to help address a need to improve society as the population continues to age. With health care improving all around the world, it is estimated that about a quarter of the population in 2030 is going to be at least 60 years of age. This is a concern that suggests that people around the world need to support the elderly as they are going to make up a large portion of the population.

The International Day for Elderly People was organized to help with promoting a need to handle various issues that the elderly has. Part of this includes making the world more accessible to all people. This is especially as people are expected to live longer in the future.

The event is also organized to encourage a sense of inclusiveness. This includes help with the intention of allowing all people to participate in society regardless of age and to have a sense of power. This is especially great for people who might be retired or otherwise unable to perform as well as one used to.

How Is It Celebrated?

The event is celebrated by bringing awareness to many topics. This includes a clear look at how well people are aging and how they are being given access to different services and functions within society. This helps to improve how well they are treated.

This also promotes issues relating to how to take care of the elderly. A key part of this entails working to improve how well the elderly can be supported by ensuring that they are not abused in nursing homes or while in the care of various professionals.

Ongoing Themes
Growing OpportunitiesThe need to get seniors to have more opportunities for growth in today’s society is important.
Improving the FutureMuch of this comes from how seniors are ones who have an ability to improve the world and build upon our future.
ListeningSeniors must be heard so we can treat them properly.
InclusivenessWe must allow all seniors to have a say in society.
SustainabilityOur environment needs to be supported by seniors who can educate people and give them guidance.

New Celebration Ideas

  • Allow people to volunteer at nursing homes.
  • Offer physical checkup services for the elderly.
  • Help nursing homes with developing new technologies or services for assisting those who are older in age.
  • Help children to visit their elders if possible.

Purpose of the Celebration

This celebration helps people to pay their respects to those who came before them. Much of this involves helping people to learn about what they can do to improve the lives of others and to make the elderly feel more confident about their lives.

Ideas Addressed By the Holiday
Elder AbuseThe ongoing concern of elder abuse is addressed by alerting the public about how many elders are being harmed each day. This includes harm from negligent nursing homes.
NutritionPeople will learn about the nutritional needs that elders need. This includes a review of how people can receive the right help for improving their bodies and becoming capable of staying active.
Social SupportThe holiday encourages people to visit their elders and to talk with them. This includes being in touch with one’s relatives or even bringing one’s kids over to talk with their elders and to get to know more about them.
Active RolesSeniors may also be encouraged to take more active roles in society. Whether it is through jobs or volunteer opportunities, seniors can use this holiday to discover the many things that they can do even at their ages.

Impact of Society

The International Day for Elderly People helps people to become appreciative of our elders. This comes from how people will learn about the issues that surround our elders. These include problems relating to abuse, difficult relationships with others and so forth. The holiday helps the public to learn more about how to support those who may not be able to support themselves for any reason in particular.

This also helps people to get to know their elders a little more. This allows people to feel happier about their elders and to give them the assistance that they need.

Response of Society

The holiday allows people to get in touch with their elders. They can have time to visit them and to get in touch with them.Not all elders are capable of speaking to their loved ones. In addition, there are often cases where they might be far too remote from them, thus keeping them from being in touch.
People use this event to learn more about the importance of health care. This includes a need to understand what people can do to improve the lives of seniors.Not all people may be keen about helping the elderly. This comes amid beliefs that many seniors might be too old for help and that they are lost causes.
Nutritional considerations may be profiled by different groups on this day. This is to help get the elderly to learn how to become stronger and to keep the overall effects of aging from being worse than necessary.There are often cases where some aging members of the population might have aged to where they are unable to benefit from serious physical services. This is especially the case for the elderly when it comes to staying active or exercising.
Children can especially learn to be respectful to their elders. They can learn about how important it is to care for them.The standards of care for today’s elders will clearly vary by each part of the world. Some places might have more resources for taking care of the elderly than others. 


International Day for Elderly People is a key holiday that is supported by the United Nations and encourages people to work harder to improve the lives of our aging population. It helps people to discover what they can do to help those who might need support with their living needs. The holiday also brings to light many issues that the elderly have. This includes a need to protect them and to keep them from being at risk of substantial harm that might come from their bodies being weaker. This is an important event every year that can make a difference in the lives of people who need help.


The International Day for Elderly People

Speech On The International Day for Elderly People

It is a necessity for us to take care of our elderly members of the popular. There are many people out there who are getting older today and it has moved to where people are living longer and healthier lives. Medicine and science have advanced over the years to where people can live well into their seventies, eighties and even beyond that in some of the best cases.

However, there are problems in society where today’s elderly population is being harmed. Many are suffering from problems relating to elder abuse and how people are not treated well in the homes that they are supposed to be protected in. They are often subjected to lacking housing conditions and abusive care from those who are supposed to keep them safe.

In addition, many of our elders are not receiving the emotional care that they require. They don’t have friends or family members to help them out in some cases. This is often due to children not being around their elders as much as they should be.

It is up to us in today’s society to ensure that our elders are treated properly and with care. We have to show that our elders are worthwhile members of society and that they are free to develop and become better individuals in an environment where they will not be judged or otherwise abused in some way.

We must make sure that we take care of our elders if our society is to improve and become more proficient. We have to ensure that our elders are treated right with care and help. This includes seeing that everyone who is older in age is supported and helped properly without being harmed. We can certainly make a difference in society if we just think about what we can do for our elders.



Quotes & Status On The International Day for Elderly People

Our elders are the people that deserve to be respected for the experiences that they have gotten into over time.


While it is true that elders are not always right, they are wise because they know what it is like to have been wrong.


All people must be appreciative of our elders today as we might only recall their true value to society when they are gone from this world.


Our children can learn more from our elders about what is right or wrong than what they might learn from just about anything else in the world.


Our support for the elderly can make a difference as the elderly have helped us in the past. It is up to us to help them out just as well.


Our elders gave us life; they should be treated with the same respect as what we give to everyone else.


The words that our elders have can certainly make a difference when it comes to educating us about what is right and wrong in society.


It is up to our elders to let the world know about how can be done in the future as they have lived the past and know what it takes to make the world stronger.


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