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International Mountain Day Theme 2017 Speech Quotes

International Mountain Day Theme Speech Quotes

Mountains are among the most valuable bodies of land in the world. They are symbolic of power and often encourage people to think about their dreams and visions.But mountains are more than just influential natural bodies. They are also critical to improving the world’s food and water supplies. They are places where many crops can be grown on while also providing fresh water from their peaks. Numerous mountains also provide people with many resources needed for powering the world and helping it to evolve.

International Mountain Day Theme Speech Quotes

The value of mountains to our planet was a key influence behind the foundation of International Mountain Day. This is an annual observance that recognizes the important of mountains and how they play a key role in sustaining life throughout the world. It is held on December 11 of every year.

This is an event that celebrates the many mountains of the world. It also promotes plans for helping to preserve these mountains. The event also highlights the indigenous people who live near mountains. People learn on this day about the many traditions of those who live in these areas.

Origin Of International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day was conceived by the United Nations in 2001 with the first edition of the holiday coming a year later. The UN formed the event to promote efforts to preserve mountains around the world.

World Mountain Day History and Story

The UN General Assembly named 2002 the Year of Mountains with support from the Food and Agri Organization. The group declared December 11 to be an annual day where the international community can promote the value of mountains around the world.

The event was established to not only Highlight Mountains and their values but also to discuss how mountains can be protected. Much of this entails understanding the obstacles that keep mountains from growing or being supported. The event promotes positive changes with the purpose of preserving mountains around the world.

The event continues to be held every December 11 to this day. A new theme is announced every year with each special theme focusing on different aspects of mountains. These include themes focusing on the resources that these mountains produce, the people who live on these mountains and the many threats that these large bodies are regularly subjected to.

Mountain Day Symbols And Logo

The symbols of International Mountain Day consist of three triangles that feature their own individual designs:

  • The left triangle features a blue diamond on the top. It symbolizes the ice or snow that can be found at a mountain’s peak.
  • The middle triangle has an orange circle inside of it. This represents the many valuable resources that can be found inside mountains. These include many resources that are mined on a regular basis.
  • The lower right part of the third triangle features a smaller green triangle shape. This represents the many crops that are grown near the bottom parts of these mountains.

These symbols are representative of the many things that mountains provide to the world. It is with these considerations in mind that people work hard to protect mountains and to keep them around for future generations.

The official International Mountain Day symbol also uses blue text in its listing. That text is simply to display the United Nations origin of the event. Blue is the official color of the United Nations.

How Is It Celebrated?

Many special events take place during the annual International Mountain Day celebration:

  • Lectures are held at schools around the world. These speeches focus on understanding and respecting the importance of mountains.
  • Workshops relating to supporting mountains are often held. Such workshops concentrate on helping people understand what they can do themselves to save the world’s mountains.
  • Mountaineering groups promote climbing activities around the world. These include activities that focus on sustainable activities.

The special celebration focuses extensively on understanding many aspects of mountains and how these natural bodies are formed. They are outstanding spaces that are important to the world.

Why Is It Celebrated?

International Mountain Day commemorates the value of mountains to the world. This comes as mountains make up more than a quarter of the planet’s land mass. These surfaces provide resources for nearly 700 million people throughout the world but their influence goes well beyond that.

Mountains are vital for people who live near them but are also critical for billions living downstream from them. Mountains provide energy resources, food and water to people all around the world and are saluted throughout this special occasion.

But while mountains are important to the world, they are often subjected to serious threats. Climate change is a significant worry as it could cause mountains to shrink. Deforestation has also been a threat while natural disasters often damage many mountains.

People who live near mountains are often subject to difficult conditions with nearly a third of all people around mountains living in poverty. This especially comes as it is difficult for crops to grow in some mountainous areas.

International Mountain Day was designed to raise awareness of what makes mountains valuable and important to society. It is a celebration of their unique bodies and a tribute to the many people who live in these mountains. The celebration is also respectful of the rights and traditions of people living along these mountains.

The overall goal is to help preserve mountains and to find ways to support their development. The event promotes a clear understanding of what makes these mountains important to the world.

World Mountain Day Theme in 2017

The previous theme for the event was entitled “Mountain Cultures: Celebrating Diversity and Strengthening Identity.” That theme focused on recognizing the people who live near mountains and how they can be supported. Much of this involved looking into how indigenous people support the evolution of mountains. Many groups focused on what can be done to alleviate the issue of poverty throughout these mountain areas.

The annual theme highlights an outstanding feature of mountains every year. This looks into expanding upon the understanding people have about mountains and how essential they are to the world.


Mountains are among the most beautiful land masses in the world but they are also highly threatened. International Mountain Day promotes the celebration of mountains while looking into ways to protect and preserve them. It is an important event that highlights the values of these massive bodies and proves that they are truly vital to billions of people around the world.

International Mountain Day Quotes

“A mountain is symbolic of the peak of excellence. It is the top of the mountain that all wish to reach as it is a space where one proves to be the greatest in the world while being truly outstanding.”

“Mountains are always taller, tougher and more intimidating than they ever seem but they are still valuable places worth exploring and reaching.”

“Mountains are beautiful as they rise up above the clouds and show just how grand the world can be.”

“Life is like a mountain in that it may seem intimidating but once you climb it and get used to it, you will feel as though you can do anything.”

“Mountains inspire people and show that there truly are amazing things to see the whole world over. There is no telling what can come about when seeing what makes a mountain such a grand and special place.”

“Mountains can be anything one wants them to be. They can be great obstacles that get in one’s way or they can be beautiful things that highlight one’s life and show that anything is possible. It is up to the individual to see which is right and what fits in perfectly with one’s life.”


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