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International Day for Rural Women Essay Speech Quotes

International Day for Rural Women Essay Speech Quotes Slogan History Origin Date Celebration Ideas

International Day for Rural Women Essay


Women! They are important but unfortunately, remain unappreciated irrespective of demographic and cultural boundaries that separate them. They have always been the backbone of the very structure we refer to as society. They are silent doers, not hunting or fishing for compliments for their achievements. Whether it is an urban stage or a rural setting, the very notion of society will break in their absence or if they suddenly decide to do nothing. The International Day for Rural Women is one bleak attempt to show our appreciation for rural women and honor them for the role they play in rural development and agricultural enhancement across the length and breadth of this world.

International Day for Rural Women Essay


International Day for Rural Women is a day allocated to appreciate and recognize the contributions that women make in development and growth of rural areas around the world. It is a day when their critical contributions are recognized and awareness is spread among people about how they form the backbone of the rural society in both developing and developed nations of the world. However, it is important to note that the day is actually an observance day and not a holiday.

It is observed worldwide on October 15, every year. It is a recurring observance and not a one-time celebration.


The origin of International Day for Rural Women can be traced all the way back to 1995. 4th World Conference of United Nations on women was being held in China’s Beijing. That’s when several countries in the world came together to launch, what became known as World Rural Women’s Day. Soon after the launch, 100 different countries celebrated the day. However, it was not the initiation of the International Day for Rural Women. The UN took another 12 years to eventually allocated a day for International Day for Rural Women.


A part of the history has already been covered. What has not been covered is that the UN decided to allocate a day for International Day for Rural Women in December, 2007. While it is a norm to believe that the year of declaration is usually the year of first celebration, it was not the case with International Day for Rural Women. Though UN committee decided to allocate a day for the cause, the actual date was decided to be October 15. Thus, the first celebration of International Day for Rural Women actually took place on 15th October, 2008. This marked 2008 as the initiation day.

Why was October 15 chosen? That was not a random pick. The dates were carefully evaluated and the factors that led to the formation of the day were also considered. 16th October was World Food Day. Food production from land takes place in rural areas of all countries. That’s where rural women play a significant role. They actively participate in cropping and agricultural activities alongside men. This is especially true in case of developing nations and more valid in case of African nations.

It was strongly felt that since the world celebrates the World Food Day, those who are responsible for the production of the food items, they too deserve to be appreciated for their efforts. It was found that women always go unappreciated and hence, the need for acknowledging and honoring their efforts was needed. This gave birth to the International Day for Rural Women.


It is worth noticing that women play a vital role in rural areas of the world. Their contribution towards development of rural areas as well as enhancement of agriculture is one of the key factors in overall development of a nation.

Here are some of the areas in which the rural women participate:

  • Crop production.
  • Livestock care.
  • Providing fuel and water to their families.
  • Taking care of elder and dependent family members such as children.
  • Off-farm activities such as Self Help Groups, handicrafts etc. so that livelihoods can be diversified.

According to United Nations, 43% of total labor force in agrarian sector is composed of women. This makes them vital when it comes to food security for the world as a whole.

Taking a peek into the African continent, if we look into agrarian sector, 100% of foodstuff processing responsibility goes to women. In sub-Saharan Africa, it is about 60 to 80%.

International Day for Rural Women at a Glance

NameInternational Day for Rural Women
OriginBeijing, China
First Celebration DateOctober 15, 2008
Celebration TypeInternational
Kind ofSocial Issue
Date TypeFixed
Upcoming International Day for Rural Women Celebration Dates
October 15, 2016
October 15, 2017
October 15, 2018
October 15, 2019
October 15, 2020

How is International Day for Rural Women Celebrated?

A number of things are done to celebrate the International Day for Rural Women. They are:

  • Community groups, government agencies and non-governmental associations publish information about rural women and their activities and contribution through various media platforms like newspapers, radios and televisions.
  • Conferences are held where research papers are discussed about the issues faced by rural women specifically in the areas which are in desperate need for economic and agrarian reforms.
  • Workshops and expos are organized for showcasing contribution of rural women towards regional economic development.

New Celebration Ideas for International Day for Rural Women:

Here are a few ideas that can be implemented:

  • Off-farm works like handicrafts can be sold through expos along with stories narrating the inspiration behind such work.
  • Empowering women through enhanced distribution channels.
  • Organizing workshops for teaching rural women about the urban trends and requirements so that they can take a step towards fulfilling the urban needs using enhanced distribution channels for raw materials required delivering end products.

Purpose of International Day for Rural Women:

Here are the purposes:

  • Empowering rural women so that they can diversify livelihood, improve productivity, decrease poverty and world hunger.
  • Enhance rural development and agricultural development.
  • Achieve sustainable growth.

Impact on Society:

International Day for Rural Women has far reaching consequences. With proper spread of awareness, society and benefit in a number of ways, which are:

  • Empowering rural women will fight poverty and hunger in society.
  • Rural-urban immigration can be solved, curing the problem of stress on available resources in urban sectors.
  • Rural sectors can achieve sustainable growth, which is trickle down into already sustainable growth in urban sectors.
  • Overall standard of living and quality of living will improve in developing countries, reducing strain of developed nations to provide fiscal aid.

Response of Society:

International Day for Rural Women has several benefits:

  • Society is becoming aware of the important roles that rural women play in maintaining national economy.
  • Society understands the need for sharing resources with rural women who contribute towards GDP of a nation.
  • Society is aware that one of the best ways to fight hunger and poverty and achieve sustainable growth is to empower rural women.

The negative aspects include:

  • Celebrations are limited to urban areas.
  • Direct participation of rural women is absent.
  • Supply and distribution channels still remain plagued by leakages.
  • Beneficiaries barely get access to the benefits intended for them.


It goes without saying that International Day for Rural Women is for a greater cause of sustainable growth at a global scale. However, the whole idea gets defeated when the people for whom the day is celebrated are not directly participating and opening up, telling their stories and sharing their problems. It is important that steps are taken towards including rural women in this celebration and educating and empowering them directly. The best way to achieve this is to shift the celebration from urban areas to rural areas.


International day of rural women Speech

Rural women, majority of these ladies have to depend on the supply of natural resources and agriculture. Apart from that there are no other means of living for these families belonging to the rural areas. And these women make up more than a quarter of the overall world population. In the developing countries the rural women comprise of more than 43% of the agricultural labor force. They procure process and prepare food that is available in the rural areas which offers them the primary responsibility for food security. The first international day of rural women was celebrated on October 15th of 2008. And that day onwards we mar October 15th as a respect for the rural women who take part in the strenuous regular daily activities and help the families in earning their bread and butter.

Rural women spend a lot more time in domestic work and household activities that any urban men or women. This day is not something to show any sympathy towards the hard work of any women. But this day is a mark of respect for the critical role and contribution of rural women. These women take part in the enhancing the agricultural and rural development, improves the food security and also eradicates the rural poverty. These women have to face a lot of inequalities in terms of education, finance and health. But still these women offer their heart and soul to for providing food to their families.

This day of International day for rural women is a day of observance and not a public holiday. The idea of honoring women on this international day was proposed on Fourth World Conference in Beijing, China, and from that time onwards, this day is a tribute to those women who offer endless support for their families.


Quotes & Slogan Of International Day for Rural Women

“When a woman thrives, all of the society benefits and when the women have access to lands, household, agriculture and gender equality increases”.


“To end the cycle of violence, we need to educate women with the skills, go beyond raising awareness and equip them with resources and power”


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone within the waters to create a lot of ripples”


“We want women to lead the nation as never before, leaders who are not afraid to call names and are willing to fight”.


“If men have got a right, I have got the same right; they cannot put me down because I can do everything that they can do”


“No matter how you measure it, women have got the same brut of poverty, but they are also the only hope for ending it”.

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