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Honesty is The Best Policy Essay Story Speech

Honesty is The Best Policy Essay Story Speech

There are many proverbs which stress on the need of straying honest in all aspects of life. A person who has honesty will not shy away from any challenges in life. They will be able to face all obstacles with courage and sincerity. An honest person will be able to stay faithful and truthful to their family members and friends, but will also be able to stay truthful to the world as well. Anyone can depend on an honest person. In case you possess adequate honesty, you will never be out of confidence. An honest individual will come out as a good player not only in personal as well as in the professional life. Taking the path of honesty can be time consuming and seemingly tough, but you can be rest assures that you will reach your target and be successful in the endeavors.

Honesty is The Best Policy

Perks of being an honest person

People, who resort to dishonest means, live in the fear of getting caught. Dishonesty or lies show that you lack resolve. It will highlight that you are not only dishonest, but also weak and scared. Dishonest people often spend sleepless nights as their conscience does not let them be at peace. An individual who does not leave the path of honesty can display intense self-confidence, and can also use it cross any hurdle in life. A truthful person has an unending reserve of optimism or positivity that will guide his/her through thick and thin.

An interesting tale on honesty

Rohan was a hardworking fellow in college. Due to this financial condition, he had to stay away from the luxuries, which his friends indulged in. once his college days were over, he started searching for a job that will give him a substantial salary that will take care of the financial needs of his family. But he was unable to land himself with a good job. This did not discourage him. He was recruited in a factory and work as a labor there for many days.

Though the salary was not much, he stuck to this opportunity and worked with sincerity. Due to his hard work and good nature, he soon attracted the notice of the factory’s owner. This fellow was aged and did not have a son. The way Rohan talked and behaved gave him an impression that Rohan was not like the other laborers.

His way of talking and behavior made it clear that Rohan was cultured and well-educated. The owner was impressed by his hard work and honesty. So, he wanted to ensure that this was not a temporary nature. To test this, the factory owner summoned Rohan one day and asked him to take around 10 thousand rupees to the office of another client.

Rohan took the money and did exactly what he was asked. The owner was pleased to see his honesty. Next day he did the same and again Rohan passed the test with flying colors. Soon, the owner started asking Rohan to deliver cash as he was honest and never took even a single note.

While delivering cash one particular day, Rohan saw a beautiful watch displayed in the window of a shop. He was aware of the fact that his boss never counts the money before handing it over to him. So, he thought of misusing the opportunity and purchased the watch by stealing some money. The owner eventually got this news and was very morose. He did not expect this from Rohan but thought of giving him another chance to test his honesty. Next day when he asked Rohan to deliver some cash, the owner came to know that Rohan stole cash again. This started happening on a regular basis. Finally the owner became too disappointed in him and he was fired from the job.

The owner of this company did not have an heir. As Rohan was a sincere and honest fellow, the old factory owner has decided to register the factory in Rohan’s name. But his greed and dishonesty were the main causes of his downfall. Rohan was very sad when he came to know about the true intentions of the factory owner. But by that time, he had lost his credibility and reputation.

Why a person becomes dishonest?

Just like truthfulness, dishonesty is also one of the many human qualities. A person should strive to get what he or she deserves. Desires must never be allowed to get the best of us. As desire rises, a person’s greed also goes up. This greed is the main source of dishonesty. With increasing greed a person may resort to dishonest practices to acquire more money or a material thing in particular.

In the recent times, the overall makeup of our society gives an impression that there is nothing more influential than money. People only see the influence and money a person has. This influence can save them even if these people are associated with a wrong doing. Due to the presence of dishonest people in our society, money can even bend laws.

People respect only those who have substantial money in their accounts. This creates a feeling that society salutes financial power. It is the only reason why people from all age groups only think about making money and not following honest and sincere ways.

Ways to stay on the path of honesty

It is better to steer clear of dishonesty as much as possible. In case a person has done something, then he or she must admit their wrong doings immediately. Confessions may bring forth troubled times in their life on a temporary basis, but people will understand that the individual is truthful and honest. So, telling the truth is a primary step towards being honest.

Another way that will assist a person or to maintain safe distance from dishonesty is by shunning base desires. It is better to cut your coat according to the cloth. Staying within limits will not produce unnecessary wants and you will not have to look for ways to get more money for fulfilling those. Putting a lid on desires helps to avoid dishonesty in life.

It is better to opt for long lasting happiness over short term success. To acquire the former, a person must always stay on the path of honesty. It will require more effort and time but you will not have to worry about facing failure. Dishonesty will bring quick results and profit, but this situation will not last forever.


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