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Global Handwashing Day Essay Speech Quotes

Global Handwashing Day Essay Speech Quotes Events Slogan History Story Celebration Date & Ideas 

Global Handwashing Day Essay


Sanitation is not only a right of every human being but is also an essential need when it comes to disease prevention and reduction of child mortality rate. According to UNICEF, yearly 3.5 million children die of simple treatable diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea. Unfortunately, all these deaths are due to poor sanitation habits.

Global Handwashing Day Essay Story Histroy Date Slogan


It is very important for everyone to wash hands properly. There are specific times during the day when washing hands using soaps is extremely important. The Global Handwashing Day is dedicated towards spreading the awareness about the same. It is an initiative to make people understand that washing hands is one of the simplest (and yet important) methods of maintaining a healthy life and minimize the risks of contracting diseases through microbes that easily attach to our hands throughout the day.

The Global Handwashing Day is celebrated on 15th of October every year.


The Global Handwashing Day initiative originated in Sweden. The factors that led to the origin of this initiative are quite disturbing. It is a fact that germs that attach to our hands during various activities throughout the day can cause a multitude of diseases. The children are the worst hit lot of all because they have weaker immune systems compared to grownups. The germs that are found on our hands can lead to a multitude of health problems. While diarrhea and pneumonia are two common diseases, children are often found suffering with acute respiratory infections or ARI because of these disease bearing germs. It is really sad to know that that these diseases collectively claim the lives of 3.5 million children globally on a yearly basis. Studies and surveys by organizations like WHO and UNICEF have revealed that child mortality rate is higher in areas where basic sanitation like handwashing with soaps is not maintained. No wonder the pressing need for spreading awareness for sanitation was felt at the very core.


Initiation of Global Handwashing Day took place in August 2008. It was initiated by PPPHW, which is the abbreviation for Public Private Partnership for Handwashing. The site for the initiation was Sweden’s Stockholm. The initiation took place during the event of Annual World Water Week. After the initiation, the task for assigning a date for Global Handwashing Day came at the hands of UN General Assembly. The Assembly decided that October 15 will be the day dedicated for the same. Year 2008 when the Global Handwashing Day was initiated was also an important year because it was the International Year of Sanitation.There are several founding bodies for this international day. They bodies include:

  • United States Agency for International Development.
  • World Bank Water and Sanitation Program.
  • Unilever
  • Procter & Gamble.
  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • FHI360


The inaugural year of 2008 saw a massive participation from India. Indian cricket team, which included the legendary star player Sachin Tendulkar, participated in an event organized in India where more than 100 million students joined to wash their hands using soap and to learn about the importance of hygiene. The focus of the 2008 Global Handwashing Day was to spread awareness among school children in over 70 countries worldwide.

In the year 2014 when Ebola was rampaging various parts of the world, the Global Handwashing Day was utilized as a weapon to fight the deadly Ebola.

Global Handwashing Day Celebration Dates & Type

1NameGlobal Handwashing Day
2OriginStockholm Sweden
3First Celebration DateOctober 15, 2008
4Celebration TypeInternational
5Kind ofSocial Issue
6Date TypeFixed
7Upcoming Global Handwashing Day Celebration Dates
8October 15, 2016
9October 15, 2017
10October 15, 2018
11October 15, 2019
12October 15, 2020

How is Global Handwashing Day Celebrated?

Global Handwashing Day is celebrated across the world in various ways such as:

  • Organizing events in schools and colleges that educate students about the importance of washing hands with soaps.
  • Organizing events for parents and guardians to educate them about the dangers of not washing hands properly.
  • Educating parents and children alike about the diseases that are spread when hands are not properly washed.
  • Organizing street plays to explain the importance of handwashing through acting.
  • Organizing events where celebrities are called to spread the message.
  • Providing facts and figures which can help people understand the dangers of not washing hands properly using soaps.

New Celebration Ideas for Global Handwashing Day

Though effective some of the ideas used for spreading awareness about the Global Handwashing Day have become stale. They do not attract as much attention as required. Hence, new ideas are required to increase the participation of people. Here are a few ideas that can be implemented:

  • Government bodies can offer prizes and recognition to schools and colleges for instilling the habit of washing hands regularly using soaps. This will motivate the schools and colleges to make children develop a habit.
  • Installing video hoardings and banners for an entire week in public places so that commuting people can see and understand the need for washing hands.
  • Using social media to propagate the idea. Activities like creating posts, inviting stories from individuals and more.
  • Utilizing media like newspaper, televisions to spread awareness using facts and stories. Such utilization will require government intervention.
  • Requesting hotels and restaurants not to serve food unless the customers wash their hands properly.

Purpose of Global Handwashing Day

There are the purposes of Global Handwashing Day:

  • Instill and nurture a culture of washing hands using soaps across all societies of the world.
  • Spread awareness about the diseases that are caused by unhealthy practice of not washing hands.
  • Providing the status of handwashing in every country of this world.

Impact on Society of Global Handwashing Day

The Global Handwashing Day has following impacts on the society:

  • Awareness about healthy lifestyle has increased.
  • Awareness about diseases caused by not washing hands properly has increased.

Response of Society

The society has responded pretty well to the Global Handwashing Day. The following benefits have been achieved:

  • Children are picking up the habit of washing hands using soaps and they are learning the importance of sanitation.
  • Instances of diarrhea and pneumonia have decreased because of increased awareness.
  • Child mortality rate has gone down in many places of this world.

However, there are some negative sides too which have been mentioned below:

  • The Global Handwashing Day activities have failed to penetrate rural sectors of many countries.
  • There isn’t enough participation from private sector. Those capitalists (primarily FMCG companies) do not provide any incentives for that particular day in form of reduced soap prices. Profits of those companies have increased but they have not extended their support for the actual cause of the day.


Overall, the Global Handwashing Day is a noble cause. It is gradually spreading awareness. However, increased participation is required by both government and public sectors to penetrate the unreached sections of the society such as urban slums and villages. Only when that happens, the purpose of the day will be truly achieved. There is no doubt that Global Handwashing Day has the potential of reducing instances of common diseases and child mortality. The process can be more effective if every sector of the society comes together. That is not going to happen anytime soon unless government intervention is used.


Global Handwashing Day Speech

Global Hand washing Day Speech

October 15th is known as the annual global hand washing day and this is actually celebrated for the creation of awareness among people. As it goes by the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness”. And hand washing is an aspect of cleanliness. Washing hands with antibacterial soaps will prevent innumerable diseases. The first hand washing day was celebrated in the year 2008. And from that day onwards we have been celebrating this day globally to mark the importance of preventing germs thorough regular hand washing.

It cannot be denied that a huge number of children are dying every year. More than 3.5 million children suffer from diarrheal diseases and this is not a small figure. Children, who are less than 5 years old, are more prone to such diseases because of the lack of knowledge about importance of hand washing. Through this small attempt of ours we want to make people aware, especially the parents, to teach their children about the importance of hand washing. A simple act of washing your hands with soap can reduce the infection percentage to 50%. And this also reduces any respiratory trouble by 25%.

Hand washing saves lives! People around the world tend to clean their hands only with water. But that is not all. For the major developing countries, cleaning hands with soap and water is not really considered as necessary. And soaps are mostly reserved fir laundry and bathing. But cleaning hands with soap removes germs much more effectively. On this day of October 15, let us all raise the slogan of making hand washing a habit. To make this a habit, it needs to be practiced at certain intervals of the day. For instance after using the toilet or before consuming any food.


Global Handwashing Day Quotes & Slogan

Global Handwashing Day Quotes & Slogan


One of the most important life skills is hand Hygiene, so teach it well and make it often.


Every year we lose 22 million school days due to common cold and keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps for fighting the cold and flues.


The power is in your hands, so to keep them clean is on to you, support the Hand washing day.


Two little hands, so clean and so bright, this is my left and that is my right


Proper hand washing with water, soap and paper towels we believe is the key to stay safe from germs that we can avoid, only if we want to.


Don’t spread germs wash your hands, wash after you flush, and wash before you eat.


Use your hand to make some bubbles to kill those troubles.


Well, in these busy days, we need to wash hands, if we want to avoid wasting time on being sick.


The importance of washing hands and making it a habit for clear hand hygiene should be a practice within every organization.


Wash your hands, spread the word and stop the germs, we don’t need to spread germs anymore.



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