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Father’s Day Essay,Speech and Quotes

Father’s Day Essay | Father’s Day Speech | Father’s Day Quotes, Status & Dates

Father’s Day Essay

  • Introduction 

Since 1972, the entire world has been celebrating fathers, for fathers truly are the persons who nurture not only the children but the entire family. Father’s Day, a day dedicated to the impartial and undying love a father pours on his children, is celebrated on different days in different countries. But the essence is the same everywhere.Many countries, including USA celebrate Father’s Day on 3rd Sunday of June every year. While other countries like Brazil celebrate it on 2nd of August, Russia on February 23, Thailand on December 5 and so on. The reason is simple; the day has rich history and cultural significance, which are parallel to each other in different countries.The only coinciding point is the love and honour that children of each of the countries wish to offer to their dear fathers.

father's day essay

  • Origin of Father’s Day

Father’s Day did not originate on a particular day. It has a huge history behind its origin and popularity. Anyways, the first occurrence of the day dates back to July 5, 1908 when a young man from Fairmont conducted Father’s Day celebration to pay homage to his deceased father who lost his life a year ago in a tragic mining accident.

From then on there have been struggles to give Father’s Day a rightful place similar to the importance Mother’s Day has!

  • History Behind Father’s Day

There have been a lot of struggles in establishing Father’s Day as it is today. All through the 19th century, the role of fathers was observed as that of a bread earner and financial supporter of a family only, and the people failed to notice pure love behind father’s stern eyes.

This was the reason why Mother’s Day became official in 1914 and Father’s Day only in 1972, though both of them began their journey around the same time.

After 1908, another Father’s Day celebration was held in 1910 in Spokane by Sonora Smart Dodd. She is literally the biggest contributor for Father’s Day’s huge success in America. After its popularity in US, the words of Father’s Day celebration travelled across the world. And though many countries chose a different date of celebration, but inspiration is US for many!

  • Stories Behind Father’s Day Celebration

Glace Golden Clayton, a resident of Fairmont celebrated Father’s Day for the first time in history on July 5, 1908.

He and 250 other people lost their fathers in a tragic mining incident in 1907. Around the same time, Anna Jarvis held world’s first Mother’s Day celebration in Grafton, a town 24 kilometres from Fairmont. Inspired by Anna, Clayton too decided to have such a celebration in order to honour his loving father.

And so, the celebration was commenced for the first time in history, although it never gained popularity beyond the walls of Fairmont. One of the reasons is celebration of 4th July, the Independence Day celebration across the entire US.

  • Second story is of Sonora Smart Dodd, who is a major influencer in making this day such a success.

Sonora was a daughter of William Jackson Smart, a civil soldier. He was a single father and raised Sonora and her 5 other siblings all by himself. Sonora heard about Anna Jarvis’ Mother’s Day celebration and she thought that fathers too should be honoured in such a way.

Dodd went to the pastors of her church in Spokane, Washington. She convinced them to hold such a ceremony for fathers too. Her original suggestion for Father’s Day date was his father’s birthday but the preparation could not be made and the date shifted almost two weeks ahead. And the first conspicuous Father’s Day celebration was held in US on 19th of June, 1910, which was the 3rd Sunday of June.

  • How Father’s Day Is Celebrated?

Across the globe, Father’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Children buy gifts, make cards, plan for picnics and do so much more to show their love to their fathers. While this is the common tradition all over the word, some countries have combined their age old customs with the new ones. For eg.,

  • Father’s Day in France evolved from military commemoration, and till date the European country celebrates not just fathers but all men on this day.
  • In Thailand, the day is celebrated on the birthday of beloved king Bhumibol Adulyadej and people offer canna flower, a flower associated with masculinity to their fathers and grandfathers as a part of their age old tradition.
  • Mexicans play music, dance and pick out some excellent gifts for their fathers. Some even participate in an annual race of 21 kilometres that is held in Mexico City every year.
  • Father’s Day Dates of Celebration in Different Countries

USA3rd Sunday of June
Brazil2nd Sunday of August
RussiaFebruary 23
France3rd Sunday of June
India3rd Sunday of June
Australia1st Sunday of September
Germany40th Day of Easter
Thailand5th December
  • Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

Father’s Day is all about expressing one’s love and gratitude towards our dear fathers. Over the years, the closeness between kids and their fathers has increased and so has the ideas of celebrating this day. Here is a bunch of new ideas to make this day lovely and special:

  • Book a spa day and pamper your dad (even he needs relaxation like your mom).
  • Get him a personalized mug, with a picture of your family printed on it!
  • Surprise him with the new gadget your dad wished to have for so long.
  • Bake him a cake or prepare his favorite dishes and amaze him.
  • Then nothing beats a handmade gift, such as pen holder, a card, a poem written by you and so on.
  • Plan a full day picnic with family!
 Celebration In 19th CenturyPresent Day Celebration
1.Children used to formally wish their fathers.Children have come closer to their fathers and Father’s Day is huge affair.
2.Conventional gifts such as watch, tie or smoke pipe were good enough.Endless gift options, from picnic day outs to personalised mugs and wall hangings.
3.Wasn’t globally celebrated or accepted!Has become popular and celebrated with pomp & show all over the world.
  • Purpose, Need & Importance of Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day is as eminent to celebrate as Mother’s Day. Everyone understands the eternal love of a mother for her little ones, but the love of fathers often goes unnoticed even though fathers too love their children till the moon and back. This day is to acknowledge this pure and unbiased love a father feels for his children. The day is important to celebrate because through this day a child can show his gratitude to his father for all the care and love he showers upon him, for all the sacrifices he has made and all the sleepless nights he has spent to provide a sound sleep to his kids.

  • Impact on Society of Father’s Day

With the commencement of Father’s Day celebration in 19th century, the role of fathers has been truly realized by people. Earlier, everyone believed a father’s role in a kid’s life is only one dimensional and which is to offer financial support. But with emergence Father’s Day, the people have been able to understand that a father does more than just provide bread to eat, that he is the supporting backbone of a family and a strong pillar that holds the institution called family together.

  • Response of Society

Father’s Day went through a long struggle before getting fully accepted by people. While it was first observed in America in 1908, the day became official only in 1972. On the other hand, Mother’s Day got its rightful place in 1914. In fact, most people in 19th century believed it to be a futile attempt to copy Mother’s Day. The day faced a lot of rebukes and there were satirical jokes in newspapers too. Despite all this, it continued to be celebrated by the people who truly understood the importance of fathers in their lives. Gradually, the opinions about the day changed and people realized the multidimensional role of a father, just like a mother has. Today, Father’s Day is hit all over the world and people enjoy every bit of its celebration.

  • Pros & Cons of Father’s Day Celebration

Every side has two coins and while there is no denial that Father’s Day celebration is a must, some of its pros and cons should not be neglected either.

1.Brings a father and his children closerIs becoming too commercialized these days
2.Has gained global popularity & is a great way to pay tribute to fathersMaterialistic gifts are overshadowing the true essence of Father’s Day
3.A good way to preserve age-old traditions in some countriesMerchandisers have turned it into a day to earn money by selling items related to men
  • Conclusion

Father’s Day is a globally celebrated occasion and is considered a perfect way to honor fathers all around. The day is celebrated on different days in different countries, but the essence is same everywhere. Commonly, kids buy gifts and celebrate the day with their fathers in order to show their love. The day brought children and fathers a lot closer and will hopefully continue to do so.


fathers day Speech

Speech On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is beautiful way of showing one’s gratitude, love and gratefulness towards the father by offering him his favourite goodies, preparing him his favourite dishes, getting him loads of gifts or by simply making a handmade card and expressing the deepest of affection and thankfulness towards him. It is day when you can openly express your father’s importance in your life and show him how grateful you are for all the endless sacrifices he has made for you. On this occasion, a child has a chance to celebrate fathers and make them feel loved and respected. It is good opportunity to reciprocate love and build a strong friendship with your loving dad.

In many a cases, a kid is comfortable sharing with his mother but he maintains a distance with his dad. This is perhaps because a father acts all strict and stern with children, but there is a gallon of love and care hidden behind strong outer frame. And so, just like it is important to celebrate Mother’s Day, it is important to celebrate Father’s Day too. It is a time to take a leap forward and be the good, loving, caring and proud son your fathers always wanted you to be.

Fathers are the silent charmers in our family, whose love and care we fail to recognize very often. There is a soft heart that speaks volumes of warm love for his children behind the strict disciplinarian attitude, which he rather chooses to show instead of portraying his real self of a soft caring parent. So, as much as celebrating mothers is necessary, celebrating fathers is important too.

Sadly not until 20th century, the day was very unpopular. In fact, Father’s Day was rebuked and looked upon cynically by many, calling it a trivial attempt to imitate Mother’s Day. And, although both Mother’s Day & Father’s Day were celebrated for the first time around the same year, Mother’s Day become globally accepted in 1914 and Father’s Day only in 1972.

Quite a few reasons for its delay would be the fathers’ widely accepted image as a bread earner and financial supporter of a family only, rather than that of a nurturing and caring parent. This might be true to an extent but there has always been infinite invisible love in a father’s firm actions, no matter which era we are talking about.

Anyways with changing times, the role and image of fathers have changed too. Fathers have evolved to not only be financial supporters of their families but be emotional supporters too. Fathers have become much more approachable for their children that they were years ago.

This has turned the table around and Father’s Day has become globally popular, which should unquestionably be the case. Now the day is celebrated with equal ardour and enthusiasm as Mother’s Day all over the world. Though there is no fixed date of Father’s Day celebration, and every country has chosen their own date but popularly the day is observed on third Sunday of June every year. Today no country in the entire world denies the love and respect a father should get through the celebration of this day that is solely dedicated to our lovable fathers!


fathers day quotes status 1

Latest Quotes & Status on Father’s Day

  • One can see the quality of a father through his aspirations, dreams and goals he has, not set for himself but which he has set for his family!
  • A father with a daughter is the one that a man must fear, not the person with a gun.
  • A mother is a child’s first teacher and a father the first schoolmaster!
  • The greatest gift a father ever gives to his sons and daughters is his believe in them!
  • Anyone can be a father, but anyone cannot be a dad!
  • A father is the piggy bank provided to children by nature!
  • When everything seems dark and blue, a kid turns to his father and everything falls into its right place.
  • If you are in seek of unselfish advice and care, turn to your dad!
  • Want to see something living with a tough exterior but soft interior? Just go to your dad. Period.

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