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Euthanasia Essay [ Quotes, Debate, Speech]

Euthanasia Essay Introduction Debate Speech Pros And Cons, Quotes (इच्छा मृत्यु)

The political, social and religious leaders have been involved in a debate that seems never ending. When it is the life of a person on the line, then the task of making a decision becomes very challenging. Euthanasia is one such topic that has haunted the world since the development of medical science.

Euthanasia Introduction

The word “Euthanasia” is derived from a Greek word that means “good death.” One might ask what can be so good about death that the ancient Greek scholars coined a term to describe it. To understand this, you need to delve deep into the Greek history. During those days, people suffering from incurable diseases or acute pain used to opt for death by consuming hemlock. Though it is rather similar to suicide, its main purpose was to eliminate physical pain as soon as possible. When the medical treatments failed to yield positive results, people drank hemlock to speed up death.

In modern times, the same process has been reported many times. Some see it as a crime, while others find death with dignity more acceptable. Most nations do not give legal consent to this practice. However there are some nations where this type of death is permissible, only if the case meets certain rigid conditions.

Law in India and Other Country

Each nation has its own take on euthanasia. While some countries have passed laws to legalize the process, other nations are in no mood to give it any legal recognition.

According to reports, the first nation that passed a law to legalize euthanasia was Netherlands. The law was officially implemented from April 2002. The medical specialists rid the patients off their sufferings with a lethal injection.

Another nation that followed the footsteps of Netherlands in 2002 was Belgium. In case the patients put forth their desire to terminate life, the medical professionals can administer the lethal dosage.

United States also offers the right to choose death, with the assistance of an injection. Only a licensed doctor will be able to administer the lethal medicine, only if the patients meet certain criteria.

The governments in Switzerland and Germany do not have laws, which support euthanasia. But they support “active assisted suicide.” To follow this path, the patients must be able to handle the medicines by themselves. The assistance of the doctor or any other member is not permitted.

Indian government has always condemned euthanasia. All religions followed in the nation voice their opinion against the process. But on several occasions, people have reached out to the government to permit them to opt for euthanasia. After much deliberation, the highest court finally passed a bill on 7th March, 2011 that declared that the hospitals could carry out passive euthanasia. In this process, the doctors will be allowed to pull the plug of the life support systems, which keeps the vital organs partially functional. The patients must fulfill several strict criteria to get the permission to shut down the life supports.

  1. The decision to go ahead with passive euthanasia can only be taken by the parents, children and spouse of patients. In case these people are absent, the closest relatives or friends can make the call. In case none of the above persons are available, the decision will rest with the doctor who is in charge of taking care of the patient.
  2. Once the decision has been taken, it requires the seal of approval from the state’s High Court. Only after the official approval, the doctors can carry out the procedure.
  3. The application for passive euthanasia must be submitted to the High Court’s Chief Justice. He needs to consult with two other judges, who in turn will recommend three experienced doctors, to suggest whether there is any hope for the patient or not. The procedure will be carried out only if both groups give consent.
  4. Another scenario is when the patient already makes a will and states that he/she does not want any external life support, if he/she slips into a coma during the treatment procedure, and has no chance of recovery.

Pros of Euthanasia

  1. Ends suffering and pain – The main objective behind euthanasia is to eliminate acute and unbearable pain and sufferings. Only people who have contracted terminal illness will be allowed to opt for this practice. Apart from them, people who are in vegetative state will be offered respite from their sufferings.
  2. Opting for voluntary death – The very meaning of the word is to death with respect. When the quality of one’s existence reduces, and he/she has to suffer from physical pain, it is like living a cursed life that has no dignity. Euthanasia offers such people to end their lives with respect.
  3. A chance to choose – As each person has the right to live his/her life to the fullest, they also must be given the right to opt for a way to free themselves from the pain. When a person knows that he/she will never get well, he/she must have the right to pick death over life.
  4. Saves funds for another patient – Several nations do not have enough financial power to meet the requirements of all patients. It takes a lot of money to monitor the vital signs of a patient who is in vegetative state. Mercy killing will not only reduce the suffering of the patient, but will also conserve funds for another patient.
  5. Free medical facilities – In developing countries, the hospitals are overcrowded. Lack of beds or medical equipment can be solved to a small extent if the patients or their relatives give consent for euthanasia. The medical equipment can be used for treating another patient who has more chances of getting better.

Cons of Euthanasia

  1. Religious constraints – Many religions do not propagate and support the concept of death with dignity. They hold the feeling that the life is the biggest gift from god. If you take away your life or assist someone to enact similar acts, then you will be a sinner in the eyes of God. As a high percentage of citizen in India follow Hinduism that spreads the same idea, euthanasia is largely condemned.
  2. Ethical reasons – Many people criticize euthanasia due to ethical reasons. Even several doctors do not thing that it is good to pull the plug, if the patient is in coma. Another section thinks that people do not have the right to decide whether another person should live or die.
  3. Reduces the value of life – Suicide or euthanasia are acts that devalue life. It creates a feel that human life is very cheap, and one can decide whether a patient deserves to live or die. There is hope for a patient till the last breath.
  4. May produce large scale corruption – If euthanasia is legalized, then it can give birth to a corrupted racket in the hospitals. The doctors will get the power to pull the plug, and this corrupt practice will put thousands in the pockets of dishonest people.
  5. Very hard on patient parties – It is not easy for the spouse, children, near relatives or friends to take the decision of pulling the plug. The person who sign the bond will have to stay with the guilt that he/she killed the patient indirectly.

The debate on the legalization of euthanasia will not die down soon. On one hand, a group of social activists see the practice as a heinous crime. On the flip side, another group points out that it is good to eliminate pain and suffering as soon as possible. They suggest that the mercy killing should only be undertaken when there is no hope for the person to get well. Several countries have different rules, which show that people, all over the world, have conflicting emotions about euthanasia.

Quotes on Euthanasia

  1. If euthanasia is legal in case of animals, then it is must be so for humans too. The value of life must be same across all species.
  2. Critics of euthanasia say that there is no dignity in killing a disable person. It is only a glorified term for murder.
  3. History highlights that the attempts to legalize the power to terminate life will also end in a disaster.
  4. As long as the person is not fully dead, it is a sin to cut his days short.
  5. It is a touch choice to pick between suffering and death with dignity.

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