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Corruption Essay CPI Types Causes Effects Solutions

Corruption Essay CPI Types Causes Effects Solutions Speech Slogans Quotes

Corruption All Around the World Essay

  1. What Is Corruption?
  2. Where Corruption Occurs In All Over World
  3. Types of Corruption
  4. Corruption Impacts In Daily Life
  5. Causes of Corruption
  6. Present and Past Scenarios of Corruption
  7. Solutions of the Problem
  8. Conclusion

What Is Corruption?

Corruption is a very serious concern that has permeated much of society. Corruption occurs when those who are in power engage in fraudulent or dishonest behaviors. This is often done with the benefit of those who are in power in mind. The people who are trying to make an honest living in their lives will end up being harmed in many ways. The risks that are involved can certainly be a concern but people can be informed and educated as a means of keeping corruption from being worse than it could be.

Corruption Essay CPI Types Causes Effects Solutions Speech Slogans Quotes

Where Corruption Occurs In All Over World

The Corruption Perceptions Index, or CPI, is measured from 10 to 0 with 10 being free from corruption. The following countries have exceptionally low CPI ratings and are therefore considered to be highly corrupt.

CountryCPI RatingIssues
Haiti2.2The country has experienced an extremely corrupt government for generations with many organizations using illegal measures to take over public funds and to use them for themselves. The recovery from the 2010 earthquake in the country has especially been slow due to the government’s corrupt behaviors.
Iraq1.5Although the country has seen some improvements in the post-Saddam Hussein ear, the Iraqi government has engaged in corrupt actions with utility providers as a means of allowing the richest people in the country to have access to basic needs. Meanwhile, the poorest people in the world are struggling.
Sudan1.6The Sudanese government has been hoarding a large amount of money from China’s petroleum production company. The money has not been going back to the people of Sudan who deserve it.
Turkmenistan1.6The Turkmenistan government operates most of the natural gas reserves in the country. The organization works without offering the gas stores to the public as the government hoards the profits.
Myanmar1.4Myanmar, or Burma as the United States still calls it, has plundered various resources and has engaged in extreme restrictions in terms of how people can express themselves.

Types of Corruption

  • Political corruption is where members of the government abuse their powers and restrict the rights of those in the country. These people will often engage in actions like restricting resources or passing laws that are harmful to specific groups of people.
  • Police corruption works when the police in a country engage in misconduct as a means of controlling the law in a spot. This often entails false evidence and arrests and even support for organized crime activities.
  • Judicial corruption occurs as the judicial branch in a country takes in bribes, holds biases in hearings and does other actions to restrict the freedoms that people have within the country. These restrictions are used to make it harder for people to receive justice.

Corruption Impacts In Daily Life

  • People who fall victim to corruption are often subjected to extreme restrictions in terms of what they can do in their lives. These include limits over how people can get access to various services and functions from the government.
  • A country’s economy will become dramatically impacted as well. This comes as outside entities are not willing to do business with countries that engage in harsh behaviors relating to corrupt attitudes and actions.
  • The services that are available to the public will be heavily restricted. Water, energy and transportation services may be heavily limited because of the government’s insistence on taking more for itself.
  • People in corrupt countries often experience poor health conditions. They are not making money to help them support healthy lifestyles and are not getting the medical services that they demand.
  • The infrastructure of a country may especially weaken to the point where roads, utility services and other everyday needs that people have will not be met properly. This could result in substantial damages to the livelihoods of people who live in these countries.

Causes of Corruption

  • Personal greed is typically the most commonplace cause of corruption. This occurs as people will end up doing all sorts of things to try and earn more money even if their integrity is going to take a hit in the process.
  • A lack of awareness of situational issues within communities often causes corruption to develop. This comes amid many communities struggling to try and earn the resource they require.
  • A lack of proper regulations may also be a problem. This comes as the rules for what can be done within particular governmental departments may be too sketchy or otherwise not listed as well as they should be.

Present and Past Scenarios of Corruption


  • Individual American politicians have engaged in actions to add to their finances and to take kickbacks from private parties in exchange for preferential treatment. The cases of Boss Tweed and Rod Blagojevich are particularly noteworthy examples.
  • During much of the mid-twentieth century, Bangladesh had engaged in various actions of bribery in terms of various functions. For instance, people have often been forced to pay money just to get access to their mail.
  • A security advisor for Nigerian president Good luck Jonathan had stolen billions of dollars from the country’s finances. These included finances used to help with the fight against the Boko Haram extremist terror group.


  • Somalia has engaged in many corrupt actions involving piracy. This includes cases where pirates raise money through ransoms by hijacking various shipments and other items offshore.
  • North Korea has become notorious for corrupting its citizens. This comes as the government not only withholds resources and services from people but also from the extreme serious of rules that are imposed upon the general public.
  • Afghanistan has been struggling to keep corruption from being a problem. The relatively new democratic government has very few legislations and rules, thus making corruption easier to perform.

Solutions of the Problem

  • The public can be encouraged to learn more about corruption and how to spot cases of corruption. These include cases where the government restricts functions and steals from the public.
  • Transparency is a concern for the government. All governments need to be open in terms of what they are doing and how they will handle all sorts of functions.
  • Proper law enforcement is especially important to take a look at. This includes encouraging the government to provide information to people to make it easier for information to be highlighted. Access to information is especially an important aspect to see.
  • International loopholes must be resolved to ensure that any problems with the government are fixed. In particular, relationships with international organizations need to be improved. There is also a need to ensure that governments operate in accordance with international protocols. This is to ensure that there is a consistent setup for all of the people involved.


The concerns that come with corruption all around the world are very significant. It is important to ensure that the governments all around the world work hard to ensure that the general public is protected and that any problems that might occur around the world could be resolved. The threats that come with corruption are very substantial as many organizations will take from the people that they are supposed to support. The threats are truly dangerous and concerning.

By being open and available to the public, the world will be less corrupt. It is important for people to be educated about the risks of corruption and what to do in the event that they spot cases of corruption no matter what these cases are like.


Speech On Corruption

Corruption is a real problem that has impacted many governments all around the world. Corruption involves people being harmed as governments engage in actions that are hurtful to the public and beneficial to those who are in power.

Corruption often occurs as a result of governments engaging in harmful behaviors. The government may start to take money from other people organizations and may start to create substantial limitations on what freedoms people may have. In addition, the judicial and police departments of a country may end up engaging in corrupt actions.

These often come about because of a lack of rules and from there being a sense of distrust among people. The general value of greed is especially a problem.

Corruption is especially prominent in many parts of the world that are not as well controlled. Asia and Africa are especially home to many countries that engage in harmful behaviors. These issues can certainly make for a real problem but it is a necessity to see what might happen in the future.

In addition, many individuals may engage in corruption on their own. This has especially been the case in the United States as many individuals have committed various corrupt activities on their own.

It is easy for corrupt governments to get away with the actions that they partake in. However, people can help to stop corruption to ensure that the issue can be controlled. Much of this entails working hard to stop governmental entities by requiring people to stay healthy.

By understanding what might happen in terms of corruption, it will be easier to ensure that more countries will be protected. This is important as corruption may occur in practically any part of the world. Being able to control the issue is a necessity for the safety and protection of the world.


Quotes & Slogans On Corruption

Transparency is a point about the world that will make corruption into a thing of the past.


No matter what happens in life, corruption is always going to be a threat.


Even the youngest and healthiest democracies in the world could become victims of corruption.


When corruption starts, it will only become more intense and widespread unless the proper fixes are made.


When corruption occurs, more laws will be passed that will restrict the lives of people all around.


Fear is a concern that comes about with corruption. As corruption spreads, people will become afraid of their communities and the people who run them.


Power is lost when corruption occurs. No one will be able to get a fair say in a country when corruption takes place.


Not many people are willing to speak up when they see cases of corruption.


Our youth can help to stop corruption by knowing what it is about and what can be done to help with fixing the problems involved.


When people become poor, they will do anything to try and get ahead and make up for their losses. This includes working hard to corrupt their communities if only to get easy money out of it.


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