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Commonwealth Day in India Essay Importance Speech

Commonwealth Day in India Essay Importance Speech Theme 2018 Quotes

With an aim to promote core values and issues related to Commonwealth, the nations around the world celebrate Commonwealth day. The day is observed by all members countries who have signed up in treaty for being commonwealth nation member. To resolves all types of global issues and to agree on the terms and conditions for offering international cooperation, these countries coordinate to work better.

Commonwealth Day in India

Commonwealth is a platform on which these nations work for improving the lives of over 2 billion global population. India is also one of the strongest members of Common wealth along with other 52 member countries. In a total the common wealth makes up over 53 member countries that belong to African and Asian province along with European nations and few parts of America. India agreed to be a part of Commonwealth members list as most of the countries under this list were once ruled by the British.

Commonwealth Day is celebrated on

Ever since the creation of Commonwealth Nations in 1931, the British government and all other member countries have agreed to celebrate this day through out the globe on 2nd Monday of March yearly. The day has been celebrated with an aim to think and follow of a new theme every year.

Importance of Commonwealth Day

  • The day is celebrated ever since 1931, the time when British Empire declared the decline if its rein. At that time under the process of decolonization, there was a need to creating each country as an independent state under the British colonies.
  • With the aim of unity amongst these nations there was a need to form one organization made up of integration of all these countries that were a part and ruled by the British Empire.
  • With this in mind the word Commonwealth had replaced the word British in 1946 and ever since the countries have been linked together as Commonwealth nations.
  • Each of the country under the commonwealth participates voluntarily with India being one oft eh biggest members of the organization. The day reminds us of the Unity feeling along with social justice, power of tolerance, and freedom to fight against injustice.
  • The day is observed by the member countries in the form of parades, speeches, events, plays, group participations and much more. One of the main aims of celebrating day is to try and remind them of the sacrifices done by their ancestors and that they too were a part of the great British Empire.
  • The day is just not celebrated as a public holiday but over more than one billion of the population globally observe this day with an aim to strengthen the common bond amongst them and make their contributions towards the common wealth of each member country with an aim to create an environment that is harmonious globally.

Commonwealth day in other countries

  • United Kingdom – In UK the day is observed on 2 Monday in the month of March every year. The day is not declared as a public holiday. On this day the government celebrates by hosting Union flag on all government buildings. The flag is also hosted on the building of Scottish government and a very special service is attended by the Queen herself.
  • Australia – In Australia the day is celebrated on the same day as in other parts of the world. Apart from this the Country also celebrates a number of other days on the same day. The country has been a part of the Commonwealth nations since 2006 and observes it as good governance day.
  • Canada – The Canadian government host the Union flag along with the local country flag on this day. The event is organized from morning sunrise till the time it sets in most government buildings and other public offices including airport.
  • Gibraltar – The government of Gibraltar observes this day just like any other member country but on this day the local government has declared as a public holiday.
  • Other Nations – in countries like Bahamas and Belize the day is observed as a public holiday in schools and colleges. The government and authorities try and organize different types of programs and campaigns for awareness. They participate in hosting ceremonies and exchange ideas in the form of debates and speeches.

Commonwealth Day theme 2018

  • For 2018 on this day you can get started by listening to the speech of the Queen over internet or TV broadcast. You can also try and get involved with various organizations and groups for delivering the very idea of good governance.
  • You can get stared with organizing events for all religions under the same roof this year. It is important for you to try and do tasks on yourself as a whole or try and make new friends or even help people at the old age home.


You need to keep in mind that the strength of the common wealth is more dependent on the people of any nation. You can try and boost the rich diversity for mankind, humanity and spirituality. The day is yet celebrated proudly by each of its members with an aim to meet new challenges and overcome it every year.


  • More number of laws are imposed by the government on any state that is more corrupt.
  • We should never forget the Commonwealth- a community, resource, place and economy that is common and is shared amongst the member nations according to their needs.
  • Some legislators try and face their enemies while some of them go further ahead and look out for themselves. They hardly find time to devote for issues related to general public. This moment this happens, commonwealth gets decayed.

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