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Child Welfare In India Importance  Essay Speech Slogans

Child Welfare In India Importance  Essay Speech Slogans

The Indian Government had adopted the Child Welfare Program on account of problems faced by the children. The government introduced regulations and laws to help protect the right of every child. For healthy development of child, his family and school play major role.

Past statistics of our country states that out of total population of the children 35 percent don’t manage to complete neo-natal stage of their life out of which India holds 50 percent of child mortality rate.

Facing these challenges, programs and policies have been implemented by the government regarding child welfare.

Need for Child welfare programs and policies

  • One of the main needs to implement child welfare schemes was on account of challenges and problems that children have to face in our country. The government adopted the policy for child protection in 1974-22nd
  • The policies and laws implemented were with an aim to help address such problems and prevent child rights. The government had also formed a working committee for implementation process.
  • The committee was working in accordance with various district, state and UT governments and administrations. Apart from his the committee was also working in corporation with all non-governmental and governmental firms.

Importance of Child Welfare

  • There are numerous importance for implementing child welfare. One of the most important reasons for implementation was to help reduce the rate of infant mortality, and maternal mortality.
  • Another reason was to help regulate and control malnutrition problems in some of the most remote areas of the country. The government also aimed at getting each child birth within the country registered for statistics.
  • With child welfare the government aims at eradicating the problems of illiteracy amongst children. Apart from this the government also aims at eliminating the problem of female feticide, childhood marriage, protection of girl child against human trafficking.
  • Child welfare is also related to protecting the right of the children against being exploited, neglected or abused physically or mentally. It also aims at eliminating the problem of child labor from within the country.
  • This move would also help in protecting the child right socially and economically such that they don’t get exploited economically as well. The child welfare is also formed with an aim to check and review with all other policies related.
  • This will help in ensuring that the laws implemented for child welfare are protected in the interest of child’s right and security.

Which type of services or schemes are provided by the country

  • The government has implemented a number of schemes for the protection of child welfare. It has clearly stated that no child shall be discriminated against sex, religion, age, caste or race.
  • Child welfare scheme also protects the right of every child to gain education within the country. The government has implemented schemes for compulsory primary level education for all.
  • Schemes have also been implemented that prevents forced or unforced child labor. No child will be offered with employed below 14 years of age in mines, industries or other places.
  • The scheme implemented also ensures that each child in the country gets access to healthy living standards with dignity and freedom. This protects the child from being exploited on any personal grounds in the family.
  • According to child welfare schemes the government shall provide with basic childcare including medication, food and childcare till the child is six years old. It will also ensure to implement and educate children by various educational programs for creating awareness of child development.


By implementing child welfare schemes and programs the government aims at implementing and taking major steps for protecting the basic rights of a child in the country.


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