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Child Labor Labour Essay Causes Speech Quotes Slogan

Child Labor Labour Essay Causes Solutions Impact Rules & Regulation Speech Quotes Slogan 

Child Labor Labour Essay Conclusion


Well, it happens very rarely that some of the crimes all over the world are still justified considering the mental condition and injustice happened to the individual. We are not saying that any crime is not punishable or ok to commit. But still sometimes even such crimes are justified. But child labor is such a heinous act that CANNOT have any form of justification. It is really saddening to see small children are forced to take up immense hard work and daily activities. And the reason behind this is their poor economic condition. A lot of adults take advantage of their poor economic background and force the children into such laborious activities. And the worst part is, sometimes child labor is even related to child trafficking.

Child Labour Labor Essay Causes Solution Conclusion

The regulation of Indian labor organization

According to the regulations of International Labor organization, it has been stated clearly that no child under the age of 15 years shall be forced to be indulged within any hard work that deprives him/her from proper education, physical and mental well-being. If the employment of any child makes him/her deprived from a proper education or well-being, then that is a criminal offense. Child Labor is forbidden in some countries and it has been a major concern internationally. If we are going to destroy the future of our next generation, it is us who are going to suffer.

As stated by the Indian Law, the children who are below the age of 14 years shall not be allowed to work by force. And even their parents cannot force then to get involved in certain hard working activities. A very common place within Indian where under aged children are found working to earn a living are factories, restaurants and offices. This this has become a really common practice in India certain other countries. Children are also involved in some small scale workshops, domestic aids, stone breaking, and shopkeeper’s assistant.

What are the causes of Child labor?

Well, speaking of the reasons, there are various reasons for child labor happening in different countries. The most common reasons are poverty, repression of child rights. Here are some of the important reasons of Child labor in different countries.

Poverty and high level of unemployment is one of the major reasons for child labor in India. According to the UN statistics of the year 2005, more than 1/4th of the people worldwide have to live in a really extreme condition.

Lack of access to regular education is another reason for child labor in different countries. A study in the year 2005 also revealed the fact that 75 million children were not able to get proper education or even a school life.

The violation of laws regarding child labor and no action against such activities led to much more increment of the child labor internationally. Especially within the developing countries like India. One more reason for child labor is inadequate social control. This gives the rise to child labor within the domestic work and agriculture.

The small children join some organizations to work as part timers or full timers to increase the overall income of their family and manage food for two times. And they are hired by organizations to get more work at fewer prices.

What are the solutions for child labor?

For eliminating this social issue of child labor from different countries, it is necessary to follow up certain restrictions and regulations. Here are some solutions of child labor:

Creation of more unions will lead to the prevention of child labor because it will help people to take up a stand against child labor. Each and every child shall be given priority by their parents so that the children could have proper schooling, regular education and education as well as certain sports activities. The co-operation from the parent’s side is really necessary.

The child labor needs to stop by creating awareness among people and loss we are going to incur in our nearby future. Especially the future of a developing country like India depends mostly on children of this present age. So they definitely need proper care. Every family needs to earn a proper living so that they could provide for their children. It will reduce the poverty level and people will not need to send their children to work.

Family control shall also help in reducing the child labor problems because, reducing the burden for families, results in lesser child care and education expenses. Employment opportunities need to be increased and child workers should also be replaced by the adult workers so that there are no more child laborers in any countries.

At the same time, child labor and trafficking rules need to be strict so that no one dares to indulge in Child labor. The business owners within certain organizations need to take the pledge of abolishing the child labor from their countries.


Child labor is still practiced in a lot of countries and even after being labelled as a crime, a huge number of organizations are still involved in it. Business owner within mines, factories and certain industries are still indulging in child labor. Poor children are more prone to be a part of it. This is a really major social issue and that needs to be resolved in an urgent basis. And this can be done only if all the people starting from the parents, business organizations and government come all together. Children carry a prosperous future that gets completely shattered due to such issues of child labor. They need to get the proper chance to develop and stay within the happy environments of school, family and sports. The possibility of recruiting children within different organizations should be completely banned. Children should never be limited by the parents and no force cannot be applied on them for contributing to the social and economic balance for a family. We need to realize the importance of sending our children to schools and keeping them safe. It is a step towards the better future not only for the children, but also for the country.


Child Labor Labour Speech

Child Labor Labour Speech

The Child labor has been an international issue and this has been damaging the future of a huge number of kids that aspires to be a really good person someday. It completely shatters the dreams of those children. They don’t deserve to be treated like this. Not AT ALL. And the first responsibility lies to the hands of parents. If they have brought a child into this world, it is their responsibility to nurture the child and offer him a secured place to live and also get the basic necessities to stay healthy.

Second responsibility lies in the hands of the government. In the year of 2016, we still have to debate in such issues related to child labor. Today we ask why such a heinous criminal issue is not resolved. Why do we still need to debate on this? The law in Indian soil says no child can be forced to work before the age of 14. And why are there so many children who have to work really hard to earn the two times bread? We ask where is the solution of unemployment issue? It cannot be denied that the root cause is unemployment.

The organizations cannot or rather DO NOT want to spend more money on a full time adult worker and this is why they keep a child to work on daily wage basis so that they can be paid less for similar work. As human beings we have become so selfish that we cannot even spare a small child! A child that works as labor gets hardly 750-2000 rupees per month and this makes him illiterate, unskilled and also weak in health. Do we really need to do this?


Child Labor Labour Quotes Slogans

Child labor Labour Quotes Slogan

A child is not supposed to earn; he/she is supposed to learn.


Show a child what is love and care, showing him/her ways of child labor is just not fair.


In their hands, children should have pens not tools to work with


Child labor and poverty are completely related to each other, if you are looking to end the poverty of a child by making him work then you will have both poverty and child labor at the end.


Don’t ask your child to fill their hands with tool, send them instead to a school


The life of little ones are destroyed when a children in certain works are getting employed


All the problems of the world, be it corruption, child labor are the results of lack of compassion


Be loving to your small kids, because in them lies your strength for future


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