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Central Excise Day India Essay Speech Quotes Theme

Central Excise Day in India Essay Speech Quotes

Excise is a tax levied on goods produced in India, as contrasted with customs – which is levied on goods from foreign countries. In India, the Central Excise Department is authorized to collect excise duty on goods produced in the country. The revenue that is collected by the Central Excise department in India is meticulously used in improvement of the following sectors: health, education, societal upliftment. This revenue is also usedin favour of eliminating poverty, and making India a financially developed nation in the face of the world.

Date Of the celebration

The Indian state has marked a day to observe and celebrate Central Excise Day every year, on 24th of February

Importance of Central Excise Day

The Central Excise Day is to observethe enactment of Central Excise & salt act of 1944.

  • Boosting the morale of the employees: The most significant reason of celebrating Central Excise Day is to facilitate the excellent endeavor of the employees, who work the entire year to collect the taxes, which is one of the major revenue generating departments of India.
  • Boosting the morale of citizens: Not only for the employees, Central Excise day is also celebrated to remind the citizens and businessmen that they count in the society, by helping the country generating revenue in a huge scale.
  • Creating and raising awareness about excise system: Central Excise is one of the most imperative source of collecting revenue for the country. The tax collected from excise has been a reason of strengthening the backbone of the financial development of the Indian sub-continent. It might be an interesting trivia to add here that excellent contribution of the Central Excise department in India, over the years, has lead to double the revenue collected in India. This definitely resulted in a better social-economic scenario of India. The Central Excise day is a day in a year of creating and raising awareness of all these factors.

How Central Excise Day is celebrated

Central Excise Day is celebrated by organizing different programmes, in different states of India.

  • Message from the Chief Commissioner: All celebrations mostly start with the message from the Chief Commissioner of Central Excise’s desk, addressing the employees of the concerned department.
  • Seminars and workshops are held to raise awareness of the citizens, besides the employees of the Central Excise department about the existing and amended rules and regulations.
  • Award ceremony is organized as part of the Central Excise Duty celebratory programmes to honour the top performing and sincere employees of the Central Excise department in the country.
  • Cultural programmes and various competitions are also a part of the celebratory events. These are mainly to make the entire event interactive among the Central Excise department employees, and the Indian citizens. They can partake in and/or enjoy the programmes arranged for them.


This is a brilliant initiative undertaken and organized by the Government of India to celebrate a day for the employees of Central Excise department. In the coming years also, the Central Excise Day will be celebrated with equal enthusiasm to facilitate the employees and mark the importance of the department in the country, as it has been since the past years.

Quotes on Central Excise Day:

  1. Since the inception of Central Excise department till the present day, there has been a vast ocean of changes which have been meticulously followed by the employees to maintain a high standard for the authority.
  2. Beyond the sincere and mammoth work done, the employees should work towards improving public perception about Central Excise department, and for that they should maintain proper code of conduct.
  3. With the added responsibilities of the Central Excise department, the employees and officers have demonstrated high performance to glorify the nation and the department alike.
  4. The Central Excise department employees perform a commendable task all year round to carry out the task assigned by the Government with precision.

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