Feb 112018

Vaccination Day In India Essay Importance Quotes India is not the only nation that has to tackle the issues of low income level, poverty, lack of proper education and health facilities. There are other African, Latin American and South East Asian nations also suffer from these stigmas. The spread of infectious diseases like polio also […]

Feb 112018
National Ordnance Factory Day Essay Importance Activity 

National Ordnance Factory Day Essay Importance Activity  The National Day of Ordnance Factory is observed every year on the 18th of March. This day celebrates the contribution of the Ordnance Factories to the country. They produce arms and ammunition for the defense and their branches also include the Gun Factory, Equipment Factory, etc. All of […]

Jan 292018
National Defense Day In India Essay History Speech Quotes

National Defense Day in India Essay History Speech Quotes The three sectors – Navy, Army and Air force- Offer official training to their cadets of Defense academy. These three, while their training sessions combine for training at the Joint services academy. They also form the National Defense day.  The moment the cadets of three services […]

Jan 162018

Facebook Day Date History Foundation Essay Speech Facebook day is said to be the birthday of one of the most popular social media sites called Facebook. The founder of the site Mark Zuckerberg addresses the day as Friends’ Day as well. Every year since the site started Facebook celebrates Happy Facebook Day on its birthday. […]

Jan 162018

Valentine’s Day Essay Quotes Speech Story Celebration Ideas and Date Of Celebration In All Over World Valentines Day is celebrated by almost everyone across the globe. The day is celebrated irrespective of age, caste or religion. On this day people across the globe offer each other with gifts, flowers, candies and lot more with an […]

Jan 142018

Science Day in India Essay Speech Quotes Importance Activities Ideas Of Celebration National Science day is an event that is celebrated throughout the country, with an aim to remember the contributions made by Dr. Raman by inventing Raman Effect. The day is celebrated in honor of Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman on account of his invention […]