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Anti Terrorism Day India Essay Speech Quotes 2019

Anti – Terrorism Day India Essay Speech Quotes Theme 2018

Each day, we come across one terrorist act or another. The terrorist groups want to strike fear in the minds of common people. They do not have any conscience, and this allows them to kill thousands of innocent people without any remorse. Though several countries have taken a stand against these terrorist outfits, it is unlikely that they will be able to uproot the issue from its origins. To stop these horrendous acts, people need to propagate the message of peace and humanity. Indian government has taken this step by celebration National Anti – Terrorism on a yearly basis.

Anti - Terrorism Day India Speech Quotes Theme

Date of celebration

In India, the National Anti – Terrorism Day is celebrated as a yearly affair. Every year, the central as well as the state governments, join hands to celebrate this day on the 21st of May. It highlights the importance of shunning terrorism activities, not only in India, but all over the world.

Origin of the day

The official announcement of National Anti – Terrorism Day was made by immediately after the assassination of India’s seventh Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He was on a campaign, when a terrorist outfit in Tamil Nadu, called the LTTE, appointed a suicide bomber to kill him. It was black day for the entire nation. It was the first act of terrorism in the nation. Thus, the central government, under the leadership of V. P. Singh, decided to observe 21st May as anti-terrorism day from then on.

History of the day

After Charan Singh, the post of the Prime Minister of India was passed on to the hands of Rajiv Gandhi. According to records, he was the youngest person to get to this position.  He was known for his magnetic personality, and his ability to mingle with the common people. But his lifer and term in office was abruptly ended when he was assassinated with the LTTE suicide bomber attacks.

The PM was on his way to attend a normal rally that is common before any major election in India. Though he had received threats, he was not cowed down by these, and expressed his desire to communicate with the people at a close range. He was visiting a place in Tamil Nadu called Sriperumbudur.

During the rally, unnoticed by all, a woman came in front. She was a member of a terrorist group, Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam. They planned to kill the PM, and the woman had heave explosives under her clothes. She approached the PM and bent down, as if she wanted to touch his feet. She suddenly triggered the bomb, killing the PM, and 25 other individuals. It was a heinous crime that highlighted the presence of inland terrorism.

Objectives of its celebration

  1. Spreading the message of peace and humanity – Every individual agrees that terrorism is a potential threat to peace, humanity, and development. The main objective of this day is to provide people with information about terrorism. Only an informed person can take necessary steps to prevent terrorism from expanding.
  2. Increasing awareness among people – The central and state governments organize several anti –terrorism programs, which spread awareness about these violent groups, and how they plan to strike terror.
  3. Promoting unity among people – The celebration of this day will plant the seeds of unity among the people as well. It highlights that people should join hands to bring down the rule of terrorism.
  4. Stop youngsters from joining these outfits – Another objective of this day is to provide youngsters with education and training, which will prevent them from enrolling themselves in these terrorist groups.

How to celebrate the day?

  1. Organizing rallies – Rallies and parades are common during the celebration of National Anti – Terrorism Day. These programs ensure that people have adequate knowledge about terrorism, and the need to eliminate it for good.
  2. Organize special meetings – Seminars, conferences and meetings are also common on this day. Eminent personalities place forth their views on terrorism, and ways to end this violence.
  3. Take anti-terrorism pledges – In all educational institutes and offices, individuals are urged to take the anti – terrorism vow. It highlights that people must do everything in their power to curb terrorism, and put an end it. They also promise to keep constant vigil, and repost any suspicious activity.
  4. Paying respect to the deceased PM – Special marches are planned, and people from all walks of life take part to pay their respect to Rajiv Gandhi. In all schools, colleges, government and private offices, people bow their heads and maintain silence for two minutes. Garlands are placed on his statues.

The planet will not get rid of the terrorism menace until the armament programs are not stopped. The powerful nations need to listen to the requirements and grievances of those without it. Only cooperation and mutual respect for each other will be able to bridge the gap successfully. Terrorism is the cradle of death, and love is the only solution.

Quotes on National Anti-terrorism Day

  1. A mind that contains hate and negative feelings can be won over not with violence, but with love, affection and understanding.
  2. Terrorism is the biggest threat to humanity. We should join hands to eliminate it from our planet.
  3. No amount of progress and financial stability will be able to produce satisfactory results, if the dark shadow of terrorism looms large.
  4. Terrorists have no religion. They only understand the language of devastation.
  5. The bomb or bullets will never inquire about the religion or believes of a person before killing them.
  6. It is better to provide young hands with pens, and not guns.


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  1. That time Prime Minister was Mr. Chandra Sekhar(Nov 11, 1990- June 21, 1991). So how can V.P.Singh Government could decide this

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